International Working Women’s Day

International Working Women’s Day: A Key Part of La Raza’s Struggle for Liberation


Compañeras y Compañeros of Unión del Barrio,

Today we commemorate International Working Women’s Day because as mujeres of Unión del Barrio we not only struggle to bring together the various sectors of our community into a united political struggle for Raza self-determination, but we also struggle for socialism along side our sisters of all oppressed peoples and nations.

We will not make March 8th a day to pat ourselves on the back or uphold false heroes of this reactionary system. Nor should we make this a day where mujeres simply uphold their individual aspiration to move up the ranks of corporate capitalism, nor a day to celebrate that women can join the imperialist U.S. military that oppresses and kills people the world over.

Rather, we, the mujeres of Union del Barrio stand in solidarity with our compañeras in Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution, with the Mexicanas of the Zapatista Caracoles, the Aymara women of Bolivia’s exemplary resistance fighters like Bartolina Sisa, to assume a role as mujeres solidarias and revolutionaries, mujeres seeking to transform our world in the image of a more feminine, more caring, and more just social and economic order. We will uphold our political program and are committed to building a process for the absolute and unequivocal liberation of Raza women.

In every event that we hold, mujeres of Unión del Barrio are often leading the organizing of our people to resist police-migra terror in our neighborhoods. We challenge the vicious offensive by the reactionary immigration system that operates with the objective of destroying families, to separate us from our families and deport thousands of us everyday from lands which were stolen from us.

We expose the genocidal role of the prison industrial complex and the colonial court system that profits from our people’s incarceration, while serving as a source of jobs to millions of other people. We struggle to challenge the false consciousness provided by the public school system and have built alternative spaces where we teach our young mujeres y hombres about our true history, about our connection with our indigenous past, and the need to become part of the liberation struggle of our people. We have taken up positions of leadership to defend our rights as workers, while at the same time and we work to transform the male dominated labor movement.

Finally we continue to work and build our organization in an effort to ensure that we support mujeres to continue their valuable participation and sacrifice, as we uphold the class character of our struggle to end capitalism upon which this patriarchal society rests.

Yet, we know there is much still to be done. Our movement as a whole must continue to bring in mujeres into organized struggle for Raza liberation. We must move our struggle towards building dual and contending power in our communities to defend our people from the terrible conditions of oppression. We will continue to promote women’s participation as leaders and organizers. And we must strive to become revolutionaries. Today we will reaffirm our commitment to the struggle and honor those who have lived their lives building our movement for self-determination.

¡Que Viva el Pueblo Mexicano-Latinoamericano! ¡Que Viva Venezuela Bolivariana! ¡Que Viva La Mujer Revolucionaria! 

Comité Central, Unión del Barrio

Comisión de La Mujer

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