Comité de Mujeres Patricia Marín

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The Comité de Mujeres Patricia Marin is named after deceased Unión del Barrio cadre Patricia Marin. Patricia started her activism in M.E.Ch.A. in Orange County. She was a leading member in Unión del Barrio’s Women’s Commission and at the time of her death she was the coordinator of the Chicano Mexicano Prison Project. Because of her activism and commitment to her Raza, Unión del Barrio and the Women’s Commission, at a retreat held in January of 1996, decided to name the Women’s Commission after this dedicated compañera. By taking on the name Comité de Mujeres Patricia Marin, we hope to keep alive the legacy of this righteous mujer and help advance the cause for the total liberation of all Raza.

1 ) We recognize that through over 500 years of colonization, oppression, and exploitation of Raza, there exists a more intense type of oppression of Raza women (and women of other oppressed nations); not only exploited by race and class, but also by gender.

2 ) We believe that in a true struggle for National Liberation, Raza women must participate as leaders, organizers, and revolutionaries.

3 ) We understand that the success of our revolution depends on the extent to which Raza women take part.

4 ) We uphold the right of all Raza women to participate in the revolution in a way determined by their desire and ability and hold positions of authority if they are freely and democratically elected.

5 ) We must struggle against all forms of sexism and chauvinism which are manifestations of capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism.

6 ) We understand that Raza men are not our enemy, therefore we must fight equally and side by side with our compañeros to liberate and reunify our nation.

7 ) We understand that Raza men who challenge and stifle the progress of Raza women within our organization, Movement, and communities are only working against our liberation.

8 ) We uphold the right of Raza women to decide the number of children they will have.

9 ) We uphold the right of Raza women to enjoy all benefits equally as they pertain to health, work, and education.

10 ) We believe that Raza women’s physical and psychological integrity must not be violated. Any violation must be severely punished.