Centro Cultural Francisco Villa

Dear Friends, Allies and Supporters,

On behalf of Unión del Barrio we would like to thank you for your continued support of the Centro Cultural Francisco Villa. As you may already know, the Centro Cultural has played a very important role in the struggle for social justice in our communities.

The Centro Cultural Francisco Villa provides the South Central community with a space for organizational meetings, cultural events, film screenings, press conferences, youth organizing and has become a center  that the community can go to when it needs support.

The Centro Cultural Francisco Villa has also been the organizing center for numerous community campaigns including:
·   Struggle Against Police brutality
·   Call for an End to immigration raids/deportations
·   Stop police checkpoints
·   End the privatization and budget cuts to education
·   In Defense of housing rights

It’s crucial for the movement and for the community itself that such an important space remains open. It is in that spirit of community self-defense that we are asking you to support the Centro Cultural Francisco Villa by making a donation of any size to insure that we do not lose this community center. Donations can be made online via Paypal or in person at any of the community meetings or events held at the Centro.

We know that times are tough for everyone but only with community support will the Centro be able to stay open to serve the community!

So we are asking that you sacrifice one small thing per month that may allow you to give at least a small donation to the Centro. One less cappuccino, one less drink at the club, one less trip for fast food…any of those sacrifices can allow you to help keep the Centro Cultural Francisco Villa open to the community. We know that we can count on your continue support!

Please click on the link below and help us SAVE OUR CENTRO. Your donations will be greatly appreciated:

Centro Cultural Francisco Villa

2100 Maple Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90011