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Students, Youth, Educators and community unite to defend the Interests of the Raza Working Class

April 14, 2012

The Association of Raza Educators (ARE) held its 6th Annual Statewide Conference on Saturday April 14th at Lincoln High School in Southeast San Diego, a Raza and African working class community. Under the theme: Aquí Estamos, Educamos, Transformamos y No nos Vamos, ARE held its annual gathering as a need for discussion on the “state of education for La Raza. “We understand that the best weapon we have as educators is learning, sharing, and working together” said Julio Soto, Coordinator of ARE.

The conference began with an opening by Danza Azteca Calpulli Mexihca where they provided the tone of the day’s events as an indigenous struggle for Raza self-determination. The MC of the Conference, Rocio Cordoba, explained the purpose of the conference as “creating a space for educators to address the worsening crisis in the area of education, and bridging the struggle for education both within the classroom and in the community; working with students to address the increasing attacks against public education at all levels.”…

…After the ARE Conference, Unión del Barrio youth and MEChA de SDSU, organized the 6th Annual Zapata march to commemorate the legacy of Emiliano Zapata and what he represented not only to the people in México, but to the common struggle of human rights everywhere. Under the theme, ¡Aquí Estamos, y No Nos Vamos; Existimos y Resistimos!, more than 400 Raza youth took to the streets to protest the growing gentrification and forced displacement taking place in Sherman and Logan Heights, existing Vehicle Impounding by San Diego Police Department and the Discriminatory practice by public colleges and universities towards AB540 (undocumented) students.

“As students and organizers in our community, we understand the importance of bridging the university with the surrounding community to be able to unite for the betterment of our working class people,” said Laura Moreno of Unión del Barrio.

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Unión del Barrio –an organization that for over 30 years has struggled for the self-determination and liberation of La Raza, and other oppressed poor and working class people– held a community forum on Thursday January 19, 2012, at the Memorial Senior Center. The Center is located in Memorial Park, found within a mostly Mexican and African American community in San Diego. The objective of the forum was to address the critical issues facing our community and the importance of the participation of women in these particular struggles.

The forum was also part of Unión del Barrio’s ongoing work to build a liberation movement that can challenge the oppressive and violent system known as capitalism that controls most of the world today.

The forum, organized under the theme of “La Mujer: Al Frente de la Lucha por la Liberacion de la Raza”, brought together more than fifty participants, which included men and women, teachers, mothers, students, and community organizers. Also, the Save Our Barrio Committee (SOBC), Association of Raza Educators (ARE), Lindsay Community School, and the Chicano Mexicano Prison Project (CMPP) displayed information and art, and sold their group’s material (pamphlets, calendar, pins, etc.)

The program began with a welcome and review of the day’s agenda by Compañera Isabell Peña, a leading member of Unión del Barrio. Compañera Isabell explained to the audience the importance of participating in events like the forum, which provides a space for ideas to be exchanged and to have a dialogue with different sectors of our community. She stressed that forums help us develop the knowledge and creates the unity that will move our struggle forward. Compañera Isabell specifically referred to the forum as part of the work to build a mujer national liberation conference that will be organized by Unión del Barrio on March 10, 2012, in Los Angeles, California.

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Under the theme, 30 Years of Organized Liberation Struggle, Unión del Barrio Celebrates three decades of accomplishments

On August 26th, Unión del Barrio, its membership, allies, supporters, and families, came together to celebrate three decades of Organized Liberation Struggle for Raza self-determination, the re-unification of México and the socialist integration of Nuestra América.

The celebration took place at the Centro Cultural de la Raza in San Diego. The event began with a dinner,  a video presentation a message from the Central Committee,  messages of solidarity from fraternal organizations, the presentation of the “Orden del Caballero Aguila”,  emulations to extraordinary members and the presentation of the organizational flag to current leadership of Unión del Barrio.

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Bajo el lema, 30 Años de Lucha Organizada por Nuestra Liberación, Unión del Barrio celebró tres décadas de logros

El 26 de agosto, Unión del Barrio su militancia, aliados, simpatizantes, familias, llegaron a celebrar tres décadas de lucha organizada por la auto-determinación de la Raza, la reunificación de México y por la integración socialista de Nuestra América.

La celebración se llevó a cabo en el Centro Cultural de la Raza en San Diego. El evento inició con una cena, con una presentación de video, una intervención del Comité Central, mensajes de solidaridad de organizaciones fraternales,  la presentación del “Orden del Caballero Aguila”, emulaciones a militantes destacados de Unión del Barrio, y la presentación de la bandera a los dirigentes de Unión del Barrio.

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Murdoch Media Empire Scandal, Capitalism, and White Supremacy

July 19, 2011

A major “media scandal” is rocking the global capitalist-imperialist world. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, one of the six corporations that control ninety-five percent of the world’s media, was exposed for illegally spying (telephone hacking) on hundreds of people and of corrupting/bribing politicians and police in England.

As a result, Murdoch has been forced to close its most profitable tabloid in England (News of the World), laying off hundreds of workers. Key executives of News Corporation and police agents have been arrested or forced to resign –the (Scottland Yard) police commissioner and his assistant have been forced to give up their posts.

The “sparked” that brought about the current capitalist crisis was an article published in a rival newspaper (The Guardian) which detailed how, in their drive to produce attention grabbing headlines and gossip, the Murdoch-owned tabloid engaged in the mass hacking of phone messages of a 13-year-old kidnap and murder victim, as well of those of families of 9/11 victims and British soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

In addition, “mysteriously” the News of The World reporter who blew the whistle on the phone hacking, Sean Hoare, was found dead on July 18th –only days after the scandal was made public to the masses.

The “exposé” has outraged thousands and forced the government –after years of knowing about the criminal activities of Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets–– to press charges against Murdoch’s employees and associates.

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On Saturday June 11, more than 80 Raza attended the annual Chicano Mexicano Prison Project (CMPP) Conference on Raza and Colonialism. This years conference was organized under the theme, “Prisons: Terror for the Poor, Profits for the Rich!”

In a effort to continue the struggle to end the mass incarceration of Mexicanos/Raza, stop the terrorizing of prisoners, and expose the billions of profits that rich white-capitalists make out of the prison industry –the Chicano Mexicano Prison Project held its “Annual Conference on Raza Prisoners and Colonialism”.

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San Diego, CA – El sábado 11 de junio, más de 80 personas asistieron a la Conferencia anual sobre Prisiones y el Colonialismo del Comité de Presos Chicanos Mexicanos (CMPP). La Conferencia se organizo bajo el lema “Prisiones: Terror para los pobres, ganancias para los ricos.”

Como esfuerzo para continuar la lucha por poner fin a la encarcelamiento de Mexicanos/Raza, y poner alto a la expansión de las prisiones, así como desenmascarar las ganancias que los gingos capitalistas reciben como parte de la industria carcelaria- el proyecto de Presos Chicano Mexicano realizó su Conferencia Anual sobre Presos Mexicanos y el Colonialismo.

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Gira Sindical 2011: Sur de California | Labor Tour 2011: Southern California

Del 16 al 31 de marzo, Unión del Barrio, International Action Center, y US-Cuba Labor Exchange organizaron una Gira Sindical através de 7 estados, visitando a 11 ciudades en los Estados Unidos. Esta gira fue compuesta por la Federación Sindical Mundial (FSM) Región América, y el Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas.

La Gira Sindical pasó por las ciudades de San Diego y Los Angeles los días 24 al 27. En este transcurso se realizó encuentros con sindicatos, consejos sindicales, organizaciones y coaliciones en pro de los derechos de migrantes.

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From the 16th thru the 31st of march, Unión del Barrio, the International Action Center and the US-Cuba Labor Exchange organized a US labor tour thru 7 states, visiting 11 cities in the United States. This tour was composed of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) Americas Region, and the Mexican Electrical Workers.

The labor tour visited San Diego and Los Angeles between the 24th and 27th of march. During these days the international guests were able to meet with individual unions, Labor Councils, organizations and coalitions that struggle for the defense of migrant workers rights.

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Commemoration of the Historic August 29, 1970 March Against the War &  Self-Determination at Home
Today, 40 years later, as is evident by the Nazi-racism openly attacking Raza in Arizona and as the U.S. wages imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,  we understand that the need for “organized” struggle continues (la lucha continua!).  For this reason Unión del Barrio upholds the statement, “It is on the 40th anniversary of this historical march that the political and ideological struggles of the 1960s and 1970s are more relevant today than ever.” (See, “40th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium March of August 29, 1970”, Guerrillera/os de La Pluma, Journal of the Raza Press and Media Association, Summer 2010).

To commemorate the August 29th March and to organize our community to fight back against the racist-fascist violence that is coming down throughout the United States (Occupied America), Unión del Barrio sponsored a “unity and struggle” forum on Thursday, August 26, 2010.  The forum, held at the Centro Cultural de La Raza consisted of a panel of speakers, film, and dialogue.

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Stop Killing Mexicans! San Diego Students Demand

by Rocky Neptun

Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka was just 15, a student at a Secondaria school in Ciudad Juarez, when he was killed by a U.S. Border Patrol officer.

Tuesday, June 22, about 40 students from San Diego’s Lincoln High School gathered outside the Border Patrol’s Chula Vista regional headquarters to demand they stop killing Mexicans. Many were the same age as was the young Mexican student. They spoke of the need to remember him, to stand in solidarity with his family and to demand justice.

Joining the demonstration, some younger children carried a banner that asked for justice for Anastacio Hernandez, who was beaten and tasered by at least 20 border agents as he attempted to flee into Mexico at the San Ysidro gates, just two weeks before the shooting death in Ciudad Juarez.  The San Diego County Coroner ruled his death a homicide.


¡Aqui y Alla, La Raza Vencera!

On Sat. May 29th, demonstrations were held through the United States to expose the growing racism and fascism that is taking place in Arizona.  As part this nationwide response, the Comite de Derechos Humanos Digna Ochoa, a mass base group under the leadership of the Emiliano Zapata Base of Unión del Barrio, organized a rally on the corner of 30th and Oceanview, in the community of Logan Heights (San Diego, CA), a mostly Mexicano and African community.

Waving Mexican flags, carrying signs, and shouting chants, over 50 people demonstrated for more than one hour.  Several organizations and community residents joined the Comite Digna Ochoa.  The organizations present included Chicano Mexicano Prison Project (CMPP), Committee To Free the Cuban Five, Association of Raza Educators (A.R.E.), Padres Por La Justicia Social de Lincoln High School, and the human rights organization, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).   The key organizers of the protest were Unión del Barrio members Pablo Aceves and Bryan Constantino.

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Univision cameraman, Cuban exiles assault Los Angeles activists

April 2, 2010
Los Angeles, California, Occupied Mexico- Members of the Southern California Immigration Coalition (SCIC) held a small and peaceful counter-demonstration on Sunday afternoon in response to the anti-Cuban government rally that was taking place in Echo Park at the Jose Marti Statue, organized by actor Andy Garcia and supported by the Mexican comedian George Lopez. The peaceful counter-demonstration soon ended when participants of the “Damas de blanco” rally rushed towards the activists and assaulted them with rocks and even with physical violence (see YouTube video of incident, )…read arricle DOCPDF

Camarógrafo de Univisión y exiliados cubanos asaltan a activistas de Los Ángeles

2 de abril de 2010

Los Ángeles, California, México Ocupado- Miembros de la Coalición de Inmigración del Sur de California (SCIC por sus siglas en inglés) efectuaron una pequeña y pacifica contra-manifestación el domingo 28 de marzo por la tarde en respuesta a la demostración en contra del gobierno cubano que se llevó a cabo en el Parque Echo enfrente de la estatua de José Martí, y que fue organizada por el actor Andi García y apoyada por el comediante mexicano George López. La pacifica contra-manifestación terminó cuando los participantes de la demostración “Las Damas De Blanco” corrieron en contra de los activistas y los asaltaron con pedradas y con violencia física (ver video de YouTube,….leer artículo DOCPDF


Labor Tour Concludes with Call to Build a Worker’s Movement For Continental Unity by Building Actions on May Day 2010

March 29, 2010

La Verdad Publication- Southern California, Occupied México- On Friday and Saturday March 26 and 27, the International Action Center (IAC) and Unión del Barrio hosted a National Labor Tour coordinated by the US/Cuba Labor Exchange to Southern California. The purpose of the tour was two fold; 1) to bring together workers in the US with those from Latin America to discuss the current social and political problems arising from US Economic Trade Policies (Free Trade Agreements), and 2) to build support for the Bolivarian Alternative for Nuestra América (ALBA) the social and economic integration program for continental unity…read article DOC | PDF

Gira Sindical concluye en el Sur de California con el llamado a Unir La Lucha de la Clase Obrera con el ALBA y Construir el Día Internacional de los y las Trabajadores 2010 (1º de Mayo)

29 de marzo 2010

Sur de California, México Ocupado- Los días 26 y 27 de marzo, el Centro de Acción Internacional (IAC) y Unión del Barrio se sumaron a la coordinación de trabajo con el US/Cuba Labor Exchange para realizar una gira de sindicalistas al Sur de California. Los objetivos de la gira fue precisamente para juntar a obreros y dirigentes de luchas sociales para hablar de la problemática social y política de los acuerdos económicos de los Estados Unidos conocidos como Tratados de Libre Comercio, y de hacer conocer el plan económico alterno que busca la integración social y económico del continente conocido como la Alternativa Bolivariana para Nuestra America (ALBA)…leer artículo DOC | PDF