Hindsight 2008: “What Does The Election Of Barack Obama To The Presidency Of The Empire Mean For La Raza?”

Real Change Will Only Come From Those Who Struggle For Dignity, Justice & Self-Determination Editor’s Note: A version of this essay was originally published the day after the U.S. presidential elections on November 5, 2008. Responding to multiple requests, we decided to repost an updated version edited for readability and enriched with links from numerous outside […]

Ethnic Studies NOW! – A Community Victory In San Diego

June 9, 2015 Unión del Barrio congratulates the Association of Raza Educators (ARE), community organizations, all committed individuals who participated in the victorious Ethnic Studies NOW campaign in San Diego, California. We are especially proud of our Comité Local Francisco Villa – the internal committee that coordinates the work of Unión del Barrio in San Diego, […]

2015 Marcha de Zapata: ¿Qué Sigue?

El deber es de organizar a nuestro pueblo para defender los derechos humanos y democráticos y oponernos a toda clase de opresión y terror colonial. Como sector juvenil de la Raza nos organizamos bajo el concepto de la auto-determinación. Varias organizaciones en San Diego se han unido para denunciar la guerra continua en contra de […]


WE MUST ORGANIZE OUR PEOPLE TO DEFEND OUR DEMOCRATIC AND HUMAN RIGHTS FROM ALL FORMS OF COLONIAL OPPRESSION AND TERROR As working class raza youth, organized under the banner of self-determination, organizations in San Diego have united to stand up and denounce the ongoing war against poor people in our city, throughout the United States […]