Unión del Barrio Celebrates 35 Years Of Raza Liberation Struggle

On August 27, 2016, Unión del Barrio celebrated our 35th year of continuous struggle for raza liberation. From 1981 to this day in 2016, tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of hours, invested into meetings, rallies, marchas, PE sessions, conferences, congresos, etc. – all stitched together to form a unified banner of struggle. We […]


Unión del Barrio (UdB) was formed in 1981 by a half-dozen activists as a San Diego barrio-based organization, and has over time transformed itself into a Raza Internationalist formation with Bases of community work in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Davis California, as well as members in other locations. Over time UdB participated in many actions, conferences, […]

August 29, 1970: 45 Years Later & Why the Chicano Moratorium Is Still Relevant Today

August 29, 1970: A Day Every Chicana/o Must Always Remember 2015 marks the 45th Anniversary of the largest raza-led mobilization against the U.S. imperialist war in Vietnam and against the conditions of oppression and exploitation of our historically indigenous people by this colonial settler society on our own land. The August 29, 1970 Chicano Moratorium […]

Battle to Legalize Street Vending in Los Angeles!

Unión del Barrio, MEChA of Santee High School and other community organizations, call on the community to this organizing meeting to launch a campaign in LA to defend street vendors from the LAPD/Sheriffs! At the same time, we will organize to put political pressure on the LA City Council to legalize street vending in Los […]

1o de Mayo 2015: Día Internacional De Las Y Los Trabajadores

Lucha Internacionalista Se Hace Sentir En El Sur De California El viernes 1o de mayo 2015, Día Internacional de las y los Trabajadores, las comunidades mexicanas y latinoamericanas de Los Ángeles y San Diego se organizaron y se movilizaron para realizar una marcha por el centro de estas dos ciudades. Las marchas transcurrieron por algunas […]

May 1, 2015: International Workers Day

Internationalist Solidarity Is Felt In Southern California On Friday May 1, 2015, International Workers Day, the Mexican and Latin American communities of Los Angeles and San Diego organized and mobilized for a march through the centers of these two cities. The marchas disrupted some of the most luxurious and bourgeois areas of their respective locations. […]

History & Analysis: MAY 1ST IS ABOUT STRUGGLE

May 1st, also known as May Day, or Primero de Mayo, is celebrated globally as International Workers Day, one of a few commemorations that spans across borders and touches all humanity. Every year on this day there are huge demonstrations, marches, and rallies throughout Nuestra América and the world. Unión del Barrio, in collaboration with […]

WORKERS! Not Criminals!

Unión del Barrio-LA is currently working on a campaign to legalize street vending in Los Angeles. This will be one of one of the major demands at this year’s May 1st march. This May 1st, lets stand up for our community vendors and send a message to LA’s City Council and law enforcement agencies that we […]

Ayotzinapa en California

-message repeats in english- A las Tres Delegaciones de la Caravana 43 A las Organizaciones Políticas A la Comunidad Internacional –19-22 de marzo en Los Angeles (esp) – Los Angeles (eng)– –23-24 de marzo en San Diego (esp) – San Diego (eng)– –más información-more information– Las luchas de los pueblos no conocen fronteras. Los imponentes muros entre EEUU y […]

The Central Committee of UdB wishes you all the best in 2015. ¡Que tengan todas y todos un revolucionariamente feliz año nuevo – 2015!

December 31, 2014 Compañeras y Compañeros Militantes of Unión del Barrio, Supporters & Friends: On behalf of the Central Committee we extend this end of year message in hopes that it finds you and your family happy and in good health. We also hope that you enjoy spending time with your loved ones as we […]

A Community Victory In Los Angeles – Ethnic Studies NOW!

November 18, 2014 Unión del Barrio congratulates our Comité Local Patricia Marín, community organizations, and all committed individuals who participated in the now victorious Ethnic Studies NOW campaign in Los Angeles, California. We know that winning Ethnic Studies classes for all Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) schools is a major accomplishment and represents an […]

LA Orgs Join Forces To Support Students’ Dreams Of Going To College!

On October 4, 2014, ARE Los Angeles, MEChA de Maya Angelou, Union del Barrio, various Neighborhood Councils (Central Alameda, South Central, CANNDU, Voices of 90037), PAPEL, Mujeres Inmigrantes Organizadas, SCIC, etc. joined forces to support students’ dreams of going to college. The event was hosted by the Central Alameda Neighborhood Council. “Too many High Schools in […]