Unión del Barrio is a barrio based revolutionary organization, born from the Chicano Power movement of the 1960’s & 70’s. We were founded on the guiding principles of Raza Self-Determination and National Liberation. Our ultimate struggle is to recover the lands stolen from the Mexicano-indigenous people in 1846 by the illegal US settler invasion, war and occupation.

Our organization was founded in 1981, in an era after the political-military assault (COINTELPRO) and defeat of the Chicana/o and Black Power movements. We were founded by veterans of the Chicano Power movement, individuals with a history of involvement in pro-liberation and Chicano organizations. We recognize the class character of our anti-colonial struggle and for that reason we are one of the few Raza based organizations that openly identifies as socialist.

Unión del Barrio believes that although activism is very important and necessary, activism alone will never lead to liberation nor the destruction of capitalism and imperialism. For this reason, we recognize that our generation has to go beyond just activism, and we have the historic responsibility to build a disciplined revolutionary socialist party that will have the capacity to strategize and organize a movement that will lead to our self determination and liberation. To make this happen, we need the participation of dedicated compañeras and compañeros who are dedicated to the revolutionary effort.

The revolution belongs to all of us and we can all participate! We are proud to have a diverse group of comrades in our ranks! We started as a Raza Internationalist organization and today we have comrades from El Salvador, Chile, Guatemala, Philippines and several other nationalities! We have members who are students, laborers, professors, auto-mechanics, doctors, unemployed, school principals, union organizers, social workers, school board members and much more!

  • If you support the revolutionary movements that are happening all over Nuestra America, join UdB!
  • If you are sick of the dirty Democrats/Republicans who constantly repress our communities, join UdB!
  • If you want to be a part of a principled organization that fights to defend our communities, join UdB!
  • If you want to join a dynamic and fast growing organization, join UdB!
  • If you believe that youth, elders, men, women, LGBT and all oppressed peoples need to be in leadership of the revolutionary movement, join Unión del Barrio!

We invite you to read our political program and if you agree with it, join Unión del Barrio today!

¡Hasta la Victoria – Siempre! ¡Venceremos!