Abolish the Racist Border Patrol; Abolish the Apartheid Border Wall!

May 25, 2018

Unión del Barrio condemns the extrajudicial killing of Claudia Patricia Gómez González, a 20- year-old Mayan woman from Guatemala at the hands of a Border Patrol agent in Rio Bravo, Texas. Unión del Barrio recognizes this extrajudicial murder as constituting a policy of terror and violence by the colonial laws of the United States government.

While we recognize that this recent extrajudicial killing took place in the context of the imperialist Donald Trump calling our people “animals”; we also recognize that this type of colonial violence has existed since the illegal expansionist war and occupation of our lands by the United States government.

The current policy of migra terror is an accelerated version of the same doctrine of national oppression we have faced since the illegal occupation of our lands in the US war of 1846- 1848 motivated by the white nationalist doctrine of Manifest Destiny. This same policy of terror has only been amplified over the previous 25 years in scale and breadth based on the size and scale of the racist migra (ICE/Border Patrol).

Under the Obama administration there were at least 45 extrajudicial murders of Raza at the hands of the racist migra along the illegal border, all of which were justified by the U.S. Department of In-Justice under Uncle Tom Eric Holder. Among the most notable was the case of Anastasio Hernández Rojas who was tortured and beaten to death 8 years ago almost to the date of this most recent murder. Today we have seen an increase in extrajudicial killing by Migra and Police forces under the direction of white nationalist Jeff Sessions, as the current head of the Department of In-Justice. As subjects of history, we cannot expect for justice to come from the colonial courts.

This expression of naked colonial violence is a reminder to all Raza that our struggle is to abolish all colonial laws that negate, threaten or limit our human dignity. We must never forget that the Mexicano people, as well as Raza from thought this continent, are an indigenous people that have an historic right to migrate throughout the continent as our ancestors have done for millennia; before European settlers imposed their illegal border walls and their laws on our lands.

There is an urgency to struggle and build power that can challenge these racist institutions of terror from being able to take the lives of our people without consequence. We must organize and build power to hold these murderers accountable for their crimes and abolish all institutions of colonial violence meant to impose national oppression on our people.

¡Concientización, Organización, Acción, Liberación!