Unión del Barrio Commemorates 35 Years Of Raza Liberation Struggle

2016 marks our 35th year as an organization dedicated to the liberation of our peoples.

Unión del Barrio was founded on August 29, 1981, and has since been one of the most consistent, active, and longest surviving independent organizations in the history of our people’s struggle for self-determination. For over three and a half decades, Unión del Barrio has been at the forefront of the movement for raza liberation and socialism in the occupied territories of Aztlan.

Even in the face of so much turmoil and oppression, we must take a moment to commemorate and celebrate our 35 years of existence. We welcome the opportunity to share with you this historical milestone for the history of Nuestra América, as we post historical material representing the 35 years of struggle of Unión del Barrio. We also take a moment to honor the memory of the founder of Unión del Barrio, Compañero Ernesto Bustillos.

As we honor our past, we look towards the future. Not one step backwards!

Link: A General Overview Of The History Of Unión Del Barrio.