Comité Local Patricia Marín – Los Angeles, Califas


318 South Alvarado Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057

Phone: 213-91-LUCHA (58242) — Email: <info_la at uniondelbarrio dot org>

The Los Angeles based work of Unión del Barrio is led by the Comité Local Patricia Marín, a local organizational body composed of three “Bases” responsible for different sectors of community struggle: “Barrio Youth,” “Magisterio,” & “Pobladores/ Migración.” The ongoing work of UdB in Los Angeles is summarized below, and the most current information is accessible through the “News & Events” link and our social media accounts that are linked from the top right of this page.

  • Magisterio: Education workers & pedagogy – our members in this area of work actively participate within the local labor unions seeking to change educational policy. This Base has successfully advocated for the implementation of Ethnic Studies in local schools and has worked to get one of it’s members elected to a local school board. At this juncture the base is hoping to establish pedagogical work by helping to rebuild the Association of Raza Educators in Los Angeles and soon creating an Escuelita Aztlán in Los Angeles.
  • Pobladores/Local Community: This work is usually organized within the efforts to form a broad alliance of organizations. This Base primarily assists with coordinating the work of Southern California Immigration Coalition – an independent coalition of forces committed to fighting for legalization for all, an end to deportations, no on the guest worker programs, and the peoples’ right to organize and a call for an end the wars abroad and here. This work also includes the organizing of “Know Your Rights” forums and related leafleting, actions at police checkpoints, and the fight against police brutality.
  • Ongoing Events: UdB in LA plays a leading role in organizing the following events:
    • Primero de Mayo – International Worker’s Day.
    • The Chicano Moratorium Commemoration of August 29, 1970.
    • Periodic Anti-Checkpoint Protests throughout the community.
  • Coalitions (within which we participate) & Other Areas of Los Angeles Based Struggle.
    • Southern California Immigration Coalition <>.
    • Members of the CLPM are also engaged in several media projects, namely assisting with the coordination of the Raza Press and Media Association. This work includes a radio show effort, working with Perspectivas de las Americas radio show on Pacifica Radio Station, as well as video and photography projects to document our work and inform the community as to the critical issues facing our gente.
  • Local Compas: Links to our local allies.
    • Anakbayan.
    • FMLN.
    • FSLN.
    • International Action Center.
    • MEChA.