A Program For Political Direction, Consciousness Raising & Liberation Struggle

The Political Program of Unión del Barrio

The political program of Unión del Barrio was originally published in December of 1986. Since then it has been revised and expanded numerous times. The program is available as a free PDF download or for purchase as a physical booklet available from La Verdad Publications.

  • Originally published December 1986. Revised February 1993; January 1995.
  • Tentatively approved during I Congreso Nacional, January 1997.
  • Revised and approved at Unión del Barrio Special Meeting, October 1997.
  • Revised during III Congreso Nacional, February 2005; IV Congreso Nacional, August 2008 to March 2009; V Congreso Nacional, December 2012-February 2013; VI Congreso Nacional, December 2017.

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