UdB History – 1984 to 1986

Ideological Growth and Development

– July 18, 1984, UdB leads a struggle to expose the anti-raza character to the San Ysidro massacre.

– Ideological questions became increasingly important to UdB during this period. Monthly “Barrio Forums” become central to this growth.

– Revolutionary nationalism becomes the principal ideological tendency within UdB.

– Through CHISPA and other activities UdB struggled to support liberation struggles in Centroamérica. Ideological development helped build our understanding and support for the struggles in Centroamérica evolves into something more than solidarity.

– The Coors Boycott and the struggle to expose U.S. sponsored death squads in Centroamérica was continued.

– The struggle for barrio unity adavces, and making Chicano Studies accountable to the community and its original principles because a central cause.

– During this period the ideological struggle with the LRS was key to advancing our understanding of our role within the movimiento.

– Resisting the wave of migra attacks that came down against our communities.

– 1986 was the beginning of our relationship with the APSP.


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