UdB History – 1987 to 1991

Organizational Consolidation

– Building a movement to resist the increased police brutality against our communities.

– The establishment of the first Centro Aztlán in January of 1987.

– Internal organizational questions became central to UdB. Organization and accountability became important themes of struggle, and the first significant internal struggle took place during this period.

– Working with barrio youth through the newly formed Somos Raza youth project.

– Working with LRUP and MLN on the re-building of a national movement, which later became the National Chicano Moratorium Committee.

– May 1989, the founding of the Raza Rights Coalition in San Diego.

– The re-establishment of ¡La Verdad! in June of 1989.

– Continued support for the FMLN.

– The struggle to expose hispanic neocolonialists.

– August 26, 1990, thousands march in East LA for the 20th Commemoration of the Chicano Moratorium of 1970.

– Indigenous struggles, and 500 years of colonialism in preparation for the 500th year since the European invasion that began in 1492.

– UdB celebrates our 10th anniversary in August 1991.


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