UdB History – 1992 to 1996

A National Movement and an Advanced Political Organization

– The Rodney King riots and initiating our “community patrols”.

– May/ June 1992, the struggle against white nationalism along the border and standing up to defend our people from the racist/ fascist “American Spring” movement.

– October 10, 1992, “500 Years of Raza Resistance”.

– February 1993, the founding of the Chicano Mexicano Prison Project.

– UdB leadership and solidarity with the drywallers struggle.

– May 1993, UdB decides to move forward alone in building a democratically centralized revolutionary party.

– Rebuilding Chicano Park Day and placing its organizing back in the hands of the community.

– 1994 was a very important year: NAFTA, the emergence of the EZLN in January, and the struggle against Proposition 187.

– Struggles in México intensified, and in 1996 the emergence of the EPR added to what was appearing to be the early stages of a revolutionary struggle throughout México.

¡La Verdad! became very influential across Aztlán during this period.

– August 26, 1995, 25th Commemoration of the Chicano Moratorium marcha in East LA.

December 19, 1995, compañera Patricia Marín passes.

– Comité de Mujeres Patricia Marín is founded in San Diego in 1996.

– August 10 – 11, 1996, Raza march against the republican national convention.

– UdB celebrates our 15th anniversary in August 1996.


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