UdB History – 1997 to 2000

The 1st UdB Congress and a Period of Mass Campaigns

– 1st UdB Congress convened during January 17-19, 1997 in San Diego, CA.

– UdB advances work in Mexico and begins participating as a formal region within the FAC-MLN.

– January 31, 1998, thousands of raza march against 150 years of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in Tucson, Arizona.

– The San Diego “Fuera Bersin” campaign.

– The struggle against Proposition 227 in California.

– CMPM National Conference on La Mujer.

– January 2000, the UdB Marriott Housekeeper struggle.

– May 2000, police repression against UdB compa F. Romero in Oxnard, CA.

– August 26, 2000, 30th Commemoration of the Chicano Moratorium in East LA.

– December 2000, 1st “Plantón” against Operation Gatekeeper.

– Beginning of the wave of Latin American popular governments.


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