UdB History – 2001 to 2004

“3 Bases en 3 Años”

– 2nd UdB Congress convened during February 2001 in San Diego, CA.

– August 29, 2001, the 20th anniversary of UdB celebrated in San Diego, CA.

– 2001, San Diego “All Power to the People” campaign for the 8th District of San Diego City Council.

– September 11, 2001 attacks: the consequences and increased challenges to our struggle.

– February 2002, the migra repression against UdB compa B. Prado in San Diego, CA.

– March 2002, San Diego “Campaign for Justice and Dignity”.

– April 2003, Yoli Fajardo attacked by San Diego Police.

– 2003, UdB enters into period of significant internal restructuring.

– Advancing the ongoing struggle against Operation Gatekeeper.

– “Derechos Humanos” work takes on a central importance.

– 2003, the struggle against the 2nd war and invasion of Iraq.

– November 2004, National City campaign for City Council “Democracia Para Todos” – “Democracia Para Sa Lahat.”

– UdB extends and deepens contacts and relationships with struggles in the south of Nuestra América.


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