Unión del Barrio Condemns the Imperialist U.S. Attack Against the People of Syria

Unión del Barrio condemns the imperialist U.S.-led attack unleashed against the Syrian people, and we denounce what is the most recent grotesque display of naked euro-anglo colonial violence against the Arab people. We recognize the right of the Syrian people to self-determine their political future, and we expose imperialist machinations to violently remake Syria in the image of Iraq – that is monetized chaos in support of Israeli interests in the region, and to secure the theft of their natural resources.

Unión del Barrio rejects the premise utilized by the United States, France and Britain to justify this barbaric display of imperialist brutality. We do not believe for a second that launching missiles against Syria is a truthful or rational “deterrent for the use of chemical weapons”, nor will U.S. missiles bring an end to the slaughter of innocent Syrians. We do not believe for a second that dropping bombs on Syria will end the suffering of innocent mothers, fathers or children. We do not believe for a second that U.S. imperialism cares about the Syrian people.

The only solution that will bring an end to the Syrian crisis (and crisis throughout the Middle East), is the immediate expulsion of all imperialist powers from the region, the popular removal of all reactionary/neocolonial puppet governments, and the re-appropriation of the natural wealth of those countries in the service of those people who are indigenous to the Middle East.

Unión del Barrio further condemns U.S. hypocrisy when it comes to the use of chemical, biological, conventional, and potential nuclear warfare. We must first demand an answer to the following questions: What country on earth is the largest manufacturer of weapons of war and profits the most from the perpetual wars in the Middle East? Is it the United States? What country has monetized warfare and chaos to such a degree that it spends at least $700 billion a year on a globalized war economy – more than the next seven countries combined.

We demand an end to U.S. imperialist interventionism in Syria, and we support the right of the Syrian people to self-determine their political and economic future without imperialist intervention. Unión del Barrio stands in anti-imperialist unity with our Arab sisters and brothers. U.S. out of the Middle East!

Comité Central, Unión del Barrio
April 14, 2018