International Working Women’s Day

To the Mujeres of Unión del Barrio, To the Mujeres of Nuestra América,

Today, we recognize an action that changed the course of history for women around the world. We mark International Working Women’s Day, and we pause to pay tribute to the 129 women who gave their lives by refusing to leave their workplace as an act of protest at a sewing factory in New York City on March 08, 1908. Their protest was to demand a 10-hour work day, equal pay as men, an end to child labor, and the right to vote.

These were the foundations of a movement for women’s rights that, since 1857, had been awakening society from a comfort that was based on the double oppression of women. The women workers in the sewing industry in New York did not die in vain; rather, with their actions and examples, they revolutionized the society of their times and marked history.

The women of Unión del Barrio maintain that Sin las Mujeres no hay Revolución. Our female members try to follow an example of struggle, dedication, and sacrifice. History has given us the task of participating in the liberation of our people. These mujeres are at the forefront of struggles and battles inside and outside the home. Her conviction and dedication are worthy of admiration, especially to women mothers who fight every day to be an example in their jobs, homes, and communities.

The path of struggle that we have chosen as militants is not easy. Particularly in a context of deep pain and suffering for other mothers who are forced to witness the Palestinian genocide perpetuated by the state of Israel. We cannot stop raising our voices for the thousands of Palestinian girls and boys who will no longer be able to live, as every human being has the right. Israel’s genocide, supported by the US government, fills millions of mothers around the world with horror and repudiation.

Faced with a panorama of horror and despair, our women are fighting, supported by each other, and creating hope. That hope is part of us as sources and protectors of life. Our struggles go towards creating a world in which colonialism and capitalism are destroyed, and together, we raise high the flag of life, our autonomy, and complete liberation.

Sin las Mujeres no hay Revolución

March 8, 2024

San Diego, CA, Occupied México