Día de los Muertos – Honoring UdB Compas That Dedicated Their Lives To The Struggle

Unión del Barrio remembers and honors our Compas that lived a life of struggle and sacrifice. Compa Patricia “Pat” Marín, Compa Marco Anguiano, UdB founder and Secretario General Compa Ernesto “Neto” Bustillos, and Compa Pablo Aceves were each unequivocal in their commitment to struggle when they lived, and our memories of them will continue to inspire future generations of revolutionaries. This and every Día de los Muertos we honor them, and we celebrate their dedication to the liberation struggle of our peoples.

It is important to note the two key reasons Unión del Barrio marks Día de los Muertos as especially important. The first is to validate and provide continuity to an indigenous tradition of our people that extends far back into our history, generations before European conquest and oppression made their appearance on these lands. In many ways, the traditions that are associated with Día de los Muertos are a present-day expression of our native culture when we were a free and independent people. As such, Día de los Muertos should also be understood as objective proof that we can be a free and independent people again in the future.

The second key reason we mark Día de los Muertos is because as Unión del Barrio we have a role to play as protectors of our collective history of resistance and revolution, extending back to 1492 in an unbroken chain of liberation struggle. This is something we take very seriously because, as the great Marcus Garvey once said:

A People Without Knowledge Of Their History, Is Like A Tree Without Roots…

We understand that there exist powerful people and institutions (political, economic, and educational) that depend on the erasure of our collective memories. For this reason, we know that it is our duty to keep these histories alive, and thereby engage with our people’s political history through a deeply heartfelt and ideological relationship. Throughout the normal calendar year Unión del Barrio emulates political figures from throughout Nuestra América, marking the day of their deaths with an image and what will be a short biography. We do this with the intention of inspiring the continuation of their struggles in the present. This is also the reason why we respond with “¡Presente!” each time we same the names of our fallen comrades.

We invite our supporters to send us recommendations of people from throughout Nuestra América who deserve to be added to our list of people’s emulations. If you have a recommendation like this, please email us at <info@uniondelbarrio.org>.


Altar for Compañero Ernesto Bustillos, Chicano Park 2015. Chicano Mexicano Prison Project, a project of Unión del Barrio.

Unión del Barrio recuerda y honra a nuestros Compas quienes vivieron una vida de entrega y sacrificio. Compañera Patricia, Compañero Marco, nuestro fundador Compañero Ernesto “Neto,” y Compañero Pablo fueron consecuentes y firmes a su entrega. Este Día de Muertos honramos su legado de entrega por la verdadera liberación de nuestro amado pueblo.

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Compañero Pablo Aceves, December 2, 1967 – September 29, 2018.


Compañero Fundador y Secretario General, Ernesto Bustillos, March 2, 1952 – March 26, 2012.


Compañero Marco Anguiano, Oct. 19, 1952 – August 24, 2005.


Compañera Patricia Marín, October 2, 1952 to December 19, 1995.

Altar in Chicano Park, 2018 Día de los Muertos. Base Celia Sánchez, Unión del Barrio – San Diego.

Altar in Chicano Park, 2018 Día de los Muertos. Base Celia Sánchez, Unión del Barrio – San Diego.

Updated and revised 11/01/2018.