Mobilize & Defend Chicano Park

At approximately 4:30 pm on May 26, 2016 we received word that a threat was being circulated by a known racist group from north of San Diego. Within an hour of receiving that initial information we were able to independently confirm the validity of the threat from multiple additional sources. At that point the decision was made to warn the community of Logan Heights as well as put out via social media an open call to defend Chicano Park.

spanishversionbuttonBy 6:30 pm a very strong group of community organizations, Mechistas from across the city, barrio residents, homies, artists, and allies of Chicano Park had gathered ready to defend our piece of liberated land.

At approximately 7:15 pm we received additional information that the racist threat against the park had been called off for Thursday night, but that the intention of some form of anti-Raza pro-Trump activity was still being planned in the near future. This is the only information we can confirm as of 8:45 pm.

Tensions have calmed somewhat at Chicano Park. We remain vigilant, and will update you of any news via social media. A strong local presence will remain in Chicano Park throughout the night.

This is the political environment Donald Trump has created for us. Trump has unleashed the most aggressively anti-Mexican sentiment the country has been exposed to in nearly 100 years. Mi gente, now is the time to get organized. If you don’t already belong to a community organization, then join one. We must organize ourselves to defend ourselves from the political violence that has already been let loose against our people. We can start by having a massive number of people show up at Chicano Park tomorrow, May 27, 2016, 1:00 pm, to tell Trump and all his supporters:


¡Raza Sí – Trumpistas No! ¡Alto al Racismo! Alto a la Ignorancia! ¡DONALD TRUMP – FUERA!