Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez – ¡PRESENTE!

Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez was a central figure of the Chicana/o Movement across numerous generations. He was a leader of political culture and song, an icon of Chicano Park, and a representative San Diego-based raza struggle. Throughout the years he also left his mark on Unión del Barrio, especially our history that is rooted in the struggle to defend Chicano Park, and for justice and self-determination for our barrios throughout San Diego. Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez is missed. We find solace the idea that although compas who struggle may pass, their ideals, their contributions, and the struggle as a whole remain.

Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez – ¡PRESENTE!

Click link to hear Los Alacranes “Chicano Park, Under the Bridge”

Unión del Barrio sends our condolences to the family of compa Chunky.

The family of Corky Gonzales has shared the following statement regarding the passing of Chunky Sanchez.

“Adios El Chunky”

In the Spirit of our Father Rodolfo Corky Gonzales; in the presence of our Mother Geraldine Gonzales, La Familia Gonzales send our deepest condolences, our profound sorrow and strong prayers to La Familia Sanchez, the Raza of Barrio Logan Heights, Chicano Park, San Diego, Califaztlan and beyond in this time of great loss and grief.

Ramon Chunky Sanchez was the Chicano Movement’s lyrical & melodic Tsunami. He soaked our consciousness, our souls, and our passion in his inspiring, tireless commitment, dedication and work en La Lucha for Justice, Equity & Peace throughout Aztlan and the World.

We have lost a Giant. The Heavens and our Revolutionary Antepasados now welcome our Brown Warrior Chief El Chunky: Who sang out our Joy, our Sorrow, our Orgullo, our Ritmo y Sabor, our Protest, our Resistance, our Defiance, our Pain, our Laughter con ganas, passion, corazon y amor tan fuerte!

Creator, Dad, please bring our bronze hermano, our musical genius, our Warrior Chief, our “Bad Ass Pocho” into your ever loving, everlasting embrace.

Godspeed Hermano Chicano Por Vida Ramon Chunky Sanchez!

Ojala! May you walk in beauty . . .

El Chunky Presente! Now! And Forever!

Que Viva La Raza!

–La Familia Gonzales de Denver, Coloraztlan