Chicano Park Leaders Urge State Officials To Act Immediately To Ensure The Integrity Of National Treasure

For Immediate Release

Press Conference: Thursday, October 20 at 1 PM at Chicano Park

SAN DIEGO – Barrio Logan residents and Chicano Park leaders continue to grieve over the horrific accident that claimed the lives of four people and seriously injured 8 others, when a truck driven by a drunk driver flew off of an on-ramp connecting to the Coronado-Bay Bridge and plunged 60 feet into a crowd below.

The tragic incident took place last Saturday during the popular La Raza Run, a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts that draws hundreds of people.

“This is not the first time that a vehicle, motorcycle, or parts of vehicles have fallen into Chicano Park from the Coronado Bridge above, but this is the first time people have been killed. It is hard to understand how the bridge does not have guardrails that would prevent these kinds of accidents from occurring,” said Tommie Camarillo, chair of the Chicano Park Steering Committee, who witnessed the terrible accident.

There has been an outpouring of support from Raza from all San Diego communities as well as from people from all over, including other cities and states who attended the Raza Run. The familias who lost their loved ones are part of the fabric of our community and we continue to grieve with them. Community leaders urge CalTrans and state elected officials to take immediate steps to install adequate safeguards on the Coronado-Bay Bridge to guarantee community safety and protect the integrity of Chicano Park.

Community leaders plan to meet with elected officials. Residents expect appropriate agencies from Sacramento to immediately develop a plan of action. The State Legislature and the Governor must allocate the adequate resources to fund the installation of safeguards in order to prevent any future tragedies.

“Chicano Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places; the State of California has an obligation to protect the safety of everyone visiting our beloved park and protect one of the most important cultural and political treasures of the Southwest and of the Chicano and Civil Rights Movements,” concluded Camarillo.

Founded in 1970 the Chicano Park Steering Committee is a grassroots organization comprised of individuals who volunteer their time and energy to carry out the vision of the Chicano community to ensure that residents regain access to the waterfront and expand Chicano Park “all the way to the bay.” Today, Chicano Park, stands as living testament of the Chicano Movement that mirrors and showcases the beauty, culture, and spirit of the Chicano people.