UdB Guidance Regarding the Ongoing Political Crisis in the U.S.

Communique for the membership of Unión del Barrio and our allies:

Given the critical political situation that has taken shape since the violent acts of January 6 in Washington D.C., and keeping in mind ongoing threats of political violence elsewhere, the Comité Central feels it is necessary to reissue our five-point guidance published at the end May 2020:

  1. Only attend known events, and maintain all pandemic-related precautions.
  2. Express your anger, but do not be blinded by your emotions.
  3. Be “gente solidaria”, do not surrender your class-based political principles, but also maintain a barrio-based vigilance.
  4. Maintain revolutionary discipline and organizational accountability.
  5. Defend our barrios, by any means necessary.

We reissue this guidance because we know that the crisis is not over. We all saw Trump’s fachos (fascists) knock down doors and break windows, as right-wing terrorism seized control of the U.S. capital during a joint session of Congress convened to certify Biden’s election. The fachos not only carried the national flag that they so idolize, but they also entered those legislative chambers armed with prohibited weapons and explosives.

As a consequence of Trump’s direct incitement, members of the House and Senate, Republicans and Democrats alike, experienced firsthand what trumpian fascism has always been about. Although the ruling political class of Washington D.C. was only exposed to a few hours of trumpian fascist terror, those in charge of the legislative branch of government were forced to flee from their posts under the protection of specialized police forces who are organized to protect their lives. They got a small taste of the relentless trumpian terrorism that millions of us have experienced since June 16, 2015, when he first announced his candidacy for the presidency by emphasizing that Mexican people are rapists and criminals.

The fascist mob that seized control of the Capitol was an undeniable confirmation of the grave internal crisis that the U.S. is experiencing. This event is evidence of the accelerated decline of U.S. monopoly imperialism and its compromised status as the heart of global capitalism.

The wrath of the fachos is not over. The chain of events set in motion on January 6 in Washington D.C. will continue, and for this reason, UdB must remain on alert. The organization must continue the protocols listed in the document distributed at the end of October 2020 that outlined the steps needed to prepare for a possible Trumpian autogolpe, or self-coup. Furthermore, we share the following guidelines intended to safeguard the integrity of our membership and, as much as possible, the safety of our areas of community influence.

  1. Maintain the organized self-defense of our communities from fascist aggression. In the event that the fachos make a call to assemble in places of political/cultural importance for our communities, Unión del Barrio will convene the active self-defense of our people, as exemplified in February of 2018 during the broad-based defense of Chicano Park in San Diego.
  2. Maintain maximum discipline and internal communication, in order to be ready if/when political conditions further destabilize. If anyone witnesses an incident that points to further destabilization, inform the corresponding organizational structure as soon as possible.
  3. Maintain a revolutionary ideological discipline. This begins by naming the events of January 6 as the culmination of trumpian fascism within all of our internal and public communications. Of course, the trumpian movement is racist, misogynistic, and homophobic, but all of these are characteristics that constitute U.S. colonial and imperialist fascism. We must name it appropriately, if we are to challenge it successfully.
  4. Do not, in any way, ignore, condition, nor disqualify, the magnitude of the risk relating to COVID-19. We are in the worst moments of the pandemic, and medical care systems are overwhelmed, particularly in Southern California. As much as possible, we must avoid risk of infection.
  5. Maintain ongoing communication with the sectors of our communities with which we work, and ensure the mental and emotional well-being of those who support our community projects.
  6. Be supportive of our members, and the people within our communities. If members or community members seek support, and we are able to provide it, coordinate with the appropriate organizational leadership to confirm the distribution of support and/or resources.

Hasta la Victoria – Siempre

Comité Central

January 11, 2021