I. Self-Determination, Liberation & A Unified Nuestra América

We are determined to decolonize our people. The means to this end is the advancement of self-determination, which can best be defined as collectively determining our history; economically controlling our destiny; controlling our social development by self-determining our culture, education and language; independently developing the content and direction of our political orientation; and controlling the political institutions that make the laws that govern us.

We recognize the indigenous peoples of Nuestra América as social actors and subjects of history. We demand the self-determination of indigenous identities, cultures, spiritualities, customs, and languages on par with all national entities and interests. More precisely, these rights include the following: Self-affirmation as the right to proclaim existence, and be recognized as such; Self-definition as the right to determine who is a part of the group and define territorial limits; Self-organization as the right to develop and enforce laws parallel to the broader laws of the nation state; and Self-government as the right to define and administer political affairs parallel to the broader procedures of the nation state.

We seek to advance the liberation and reunification of México under a revolutionary government, immediately accountable to the people. Furthermore, this government must be committed to the liberation and unification of Nuestra América, and in permanent solidarity with all oppressed people throughout the world. We struggle to never again have our resources usurped by United States imperialism, and seek to integrate into regional, continental, and international political and trade agreements that benefit the masses of La Raza.

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