II. This is “Nuestra América” – We Are Indigenous Nations

We recognize and uphold the right to self-determination of all indigenous nations of the Americas. Nuestra América has been subject to the genocidal violence, theft, and slavery imposed on us by European colonialism, United States imperialism, and global neoliberalism. We are bound by a common history, struggle, and destiny. The principled unification of our forces throughout Nuestra América will be necessary to overturn all manifestations of colonial, imperialist, and neoliberal oppression. We understand that the liberation of La Raza within the current borders of the United States will, and must, be tied to the liberation of all indigenous people and Latin American nations.

The Mexicano people, as indigenous inhabitants of this continent and of what is presently called the Southwest United States, constitute a colony of an illegal settler state that is an extension of European colonialism. The United States funded and directed the Anglo settler rebellion in Texas in 1836, which set the stage for a United States war of aggression in 1846 to 1848. This war resulted in the occupation of the northern half of México. This war imposed on us the position of a conquered nation, and since then millions of our people have fallen victim to racist Anglo settlers who exercise their individual, state, and economic power hoping to maintain our servile status. This is why within the United States the political system itself was founded on this principle – designed to exploit our labor, keep a disproportionate number of our people in prisons, stereotype us through the media, falsify our history, deny us a relevant/productive education, and militarize the border in order to keep out the very same people from which Aztlan/México Ocupado was stolen. This historical relationship is sustained through an ongoing campaign of state terrorism (migra, police, etc.) and the ever-increasing overt and violent expression of racism by reactionaries of the United States white nationalist population.

These are all direct manifestations of colonialism, but we must also understand that we are also subject to the contradictions of neocolonialism. Unión del Barrio is cognizant of current neocolonialist tactics of the oppressor, which include the use of our own people against us. Neocolonialists are puppet lackeys, appointed or self-appointed, who usually win financial support from the colonial system. The primary role of the neocolonialist is to confuse the large numbers of La Raza into thinking that we are making progress within the current political system, and that we can actually achieve individual success if only we buy into United States imperialism. This is a ploy that is central to the classic colonizer tactic of divide and conquer. Instead of focusing our energy on overturning imperialism, this tactic pits us against opportunists of our own kind and/or redirects our attention to distrust other oppressed nationalities. The existing political and economic system then continues relatively unchallenged, while oppressed people within the United States perpetually struggle against each other for beggar’s crumbs, petty concessions, and token positions of neocolonial power.

Strategically, we must turn away from this futile cycle, to instead help create the conditions to bring about the liberation of Nuestra América. Our collective power within the United States will be a leading force overturning United States interventionism in Latin America. We understand that not a single neocolonial government could survive without funding and military training from the United States. Therefore, Unión del Barrio promotes the unity and involvement of our organization in efforts to democratize México and Nuestra América. The politics of La Raza living in the occupied territories should concentrate on organizing towards achieving independent political power inside the belly of the beast, while uniting with progressive forces in México and Nuestra América.

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