IV. Dialectical & Historical Materialism form the Basis of our Strategies & Tactics

We are a working class people, and from our labor all wealth is generated. We base our ideology, and the process of its evolution, on the material and historical basis of all things and situations, as well as the material conditions within which our people find ourselves. Dialectical and Historical Materialism are essential to understanding our current reality, as well as forming strategies and tactics for our liberation.

A people’s capacity to create and reproduce their means of existence through the development of knowledge, technology, culture, economic activity, and governments to serve their collective interests is a driving force of human dignity. Furthermore, all social progress and meaningful historical development are a direct result of working class struggle. As such, in a world where opposites and contradictions are constantly affecting and influencing each other, we believe in the leading role of workers and class struggle to transform our conditions of life. We must be dialectical in our approach to political work, strive to constantly evolve and balance our theory and practice, and meet the challenges posed to us by colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism.

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