Shut The Whole Damn Thing Down!

The more trouble Trump gets into, the more intense his attacks are against our raza communities. All this mess about “border wall funding” and the “government shut down” is only to distract from the very serious legal trouble that Donald Trump and his accomplices find themselves in. The same thing was done with the refugee caravan from Honduras – this is another manufactured crisis that was contrived to provide Trump a chance to demonstrate how “chingón” he is, while at the same time shift media attention away from the terrible political crisis that is intensifying within all sectors of the federal government.

Trump, his base followers, the Republican party, and the Democrats – all these people are imperialist junkies. Trumpistas and Republicans have so far supported everything Trump has done, up to and including shutting down the federal government as leverage to force the funding of their stupid “border wall.” They demand 5-15 billion dollars that will only be a monument to Trump’s sick vanity and insane narcissism. In the clearest demonstration of school shooter politics, the US right-wing has gone all-in on the “border shut down” and trumpistas have even started a gofundme campaign to “fund the wall”. Pinches marranos maniáticos.

Incredibly, this week we also witnessed the first real criticism that Republicans have had for Trump so far since he was declared president. Republicans and Democrats insist that Trump continue the imperialist occupations of Syria and Afghanistan, so much so that the murderous General Mattis decided to resign in protest. They are so addicted to empire that these wars of occupation are the only thing they all support, and demand they be expanded. 

They are all imperialist fiends. 
None of them have any redeemable value. 
We say yes! Go ahead and shut down the government! 
Shut down your parasitic empire! 
Shut down your wars of occupation!
Shut down your poisoning of our water and our mother earth! 
Shut down your idiotic racist fear mongering!
And shut down that filthy orange charlatan that you call a president!

The planet and all of us that inhabit it will be infinitely better off without you.