Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez – ¡PRESENTE!

Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez was a central figure of the Chicana/o Movement across numerous generations. He was a leader of political culture and song, an icon of Chicano Park, and a representative San Diego-based raza struggle. Throughout the years he also left his mark on Unión del Barrio, especially our history that is rooted in the […]

1994-2016: 22 Years of Operation Gatekeeper

In 1994, William Jefferson Clinton activated a new border enforcement policy, Operation Gatekeeper, that was designed to push people without papers away from large cities, to instead cross the border in the more dangerous and remote mountains and deserts of California and Arizona. Since 1994, Operation Gatekeeper and similar policies in New Mexico and Texas, […]

Unión del Barrio Celebrates 35 Years Of Raza Liberation Struggle

On August 27, 2016, Unión del Barrio celebrated our 35th year of continuous struggle for raza liberation. From 1981 to this day in 2016, tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of hours, invested into meetings, rallies, marchas, PE sessions, conferences, congresos, etc. – all stitched together to form a unified banner of struggle. We […]

San Diego Barrio Forum To Denounce The Prison Industrial Complex

****SAVE THE DATE****SPREAD THE WORD***** Unión del Barrio Chicano Mexicano Prison Project (CMPP) Presents: A Barrio Forum to honor Hugo Yogi Bear Pineal, to commemorate the Cease of Hostilities, and to denounce the Prison Industrial Complex. Speakers will include: Martha Esquivel – California Families for the Abolition of Solitary Confinement. Flaco Rising – Former Prisoner, Student, Activist, […]

The Militarization of Logan Heights

San Diego “Noches De Conciencia” On Friday May 27th, presidential candidate Donald J. Trump held a fascist rally at the San Diego Convention Center. People from all over San Diego joined multiple protests to reject his politics. A well organized march called by Unión del Barrio rejecting Trump’s colonialism (racism) and hateful campaign descended from […]

¡Fuera Trump! UdB Report On The May 27th Action In San Diego

San Diego’s Chicano Park was the gathering point for at least 800 people who participated in a politically militant and well organized action to unwelcome the anti-Arab, anti-Black, anti-Mexican, anti-Woman, power-hungry, neo-fascist oligarch Donald Trump. The event took place on Friday May 27, 2016, and represented dozens of organizations, cultural groups, MEChAs, local businesses, artists, […]

Mobilize & Defend Chicano Park

At approximately 4:30 pm on May 26, 2016 we received word that a threat was being circulated by a known racist group from north of San Diego. Within an hour of receiving that initial information we were able to independently confirm the validity of the threat from multiple additional sources. At that point the decision […]


“PA PENDEJO NO SE ESTUDIA!” A Historical Chicano Perspective   Many persons have asked me what my political opinion is of presumptive Republican (the white) Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump. My response is the old Mexican saying, “Pa’ pendejo no se estudia’!”  For Trump’s Republican voters & supporters, Winston Churchill’s quote; “The best argument against democracy […]

History & Analysis: MAY 1ST IS ABOUT STRUGGLE

Link to 2017 UdB May Day Events May 1st, also known as May Day, or Primero de Mayo, is celebrated across the globe as International Workers Day. Precisely because this day commemorates the struggles of working people, this is one of only a few commemorations that spans across borders and touches all humanity. This is true […]

Día de los Muertos – Honoring UdB Compas That Dedicated Their Lives To The Struggle

Unión del Barrio remembers and honors our Compas that lived a life of struggle and sacrifice. Compa Patricia “Pat” Marín; Compa Marco Anguiano; UdB founder and Secretario General Compa Ernesto “Neto” Bustillos; and Compa Pablo Aceves were each unequivocal in their commitment to struggle when they lived, and our memories of them will continue to […]

“21 millas por 21 Años de Resistencia” – 21 YEARS OF OPERATION GATEKEEPER – 21 YEARS OF RESISTANCE

–Click to download Registration Packet– Unión del Barrio, a community based political organization, that for over 30 years has organized Raza workers to struggle for our self-determination and liberation from US imposed borders, is organizing “21 millas por 21 años de Resistencia” – a bike ride from the Larsen Field in San Ysidro to Chicano Park. […]

Ethnic Studies NOW! – A Community Victory In San Diego

June 9, 2015 Unión del Barrio congratulates the Association of Raza Educators (ARE), community organizations, all committed individuals who participated in the victorious Ethnic Studies NOW campaign in San Diego, California. We are especially proud of our Comité Local Francisco Villa – the internal committee that coordinates the work of Unión del Barrio in San Diego, […]