Unidas Venceremos

The mujeres of Unión del Barrio share greetings of solidarity to all the women of the world struggling for peace and justice.

Women are workers, educators, amas de casa, health care advocates, organizers, students, compañeras; our aspirations are filled with a rebellious nature and deep convictions, our voices cry out for a new and better world, where we can expand liberating ideologies and build new ones. We know that we will face the persistent threat of oppression and exploitation.

It is precisely because of that, that women have always been and are now at the forefront of combating these terrible conditions. This is what makes a revolutionary woman that much more needed in the struggle to build a socialist society where we can combat violence and ensure that progress and solidarity flourish.

The subjugation of raza women serves a major part of the overall oppression of our people and has become a fundamental pillar sustaining capitalism and imperialism throughout Nuestra América and the world. True liberation cannot take place until all sectors of La Raza are free, and this is especially true for mujeres that make up a large percentage of every sector.

We recognize that patriarchy is a pillar of capitalist imperialism and is imposed on our communities through a process of colonization and subjugation. We will not rest until every mujer has the rights and resources to self-determine their lives and the lives of their families and communities. We will not rest until every mujer has the rights and dignity to decide if, when, and how she wants to parent. We recognize the harmful role social structures like patriarchy and misogyny play in the lives of women around the world, but we know our fight is not against our male comrades. We recognize how toxic masculinity and machismo also harms our fathers, sons, and brothers.

Today, women continue to struggle for justice, dignity and equal rights, demanding an end to exploitative policies that infringe on the physical and psychological integrity of women.

We turn to the leadership of our sisters in the South who are forming volunteer militias, maternal health programs, and community food projects to defend their communities by any means necessary.

We stand with our sisters who are fleeing US orchestrated violence and poverty only to met with more violence and exploitation.

We will fight until every imposed border, wall, cage, and cell is dismantled.

We recognize colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism as the sources of oppression within our lived realities.

Finally, we would like to honor and recognize the courageous mujeres militantes of Unión del Barrio who express deep love for raza and all oppressed communities through their revolutionary commitment to building self-determination for all. Mujeres currently make up more than half of the membership of Unión del Barrio, as well as more than half of the leadership.

As the mujeres of Unión del Barrio, we are working to build a worker’s party that reflects our values of social justice, self-determination, and liberation. We call on all freedom loving mujeres and allies to join the struggle for self-determination and liberation of raza women.

We share greetings of solidarity to all the women of the world struggling for peace and justice.