AMLO is the New President of México

AMLO is the new president of México. He won the presidential chair with more than 53% of the votes, surpassing the multiple candidates of the right-wing political elite as a whole, by more than 14 points. It must also be considered that with just five years of existence, the MORENA party won at least 20,229,314 […]

Unión del Barrio Calls On Border Communities To Protect The Physical Integrity Of Our Central American Sisters And Brothers

Unión del Barrio strongly condemns the recent violent acts directed against Central American migrants and refugees by a small group of people in the area of Playas de Tijuana. The violence and threats of violence carried out by a small group of reactionaries represent nothing less than the most foul expression of xenophobia which highlights […]

Unión del Barrio Backed Slate Wins Two School Board Seats in Pico Rivera

In what can only be understood as major victory for independent community-based politics in the Los Angeles suburb of Pico Rivera, two candidates backed by Unión del Barrio, Jose Lara and Leanna Ibarra, won the El Rancho Unified School Board election on Tuesday night. Securing the two top positions among a field of six candidates, Lara and Ibarra together won over eleven thousand votes in Pico Rivera, and will serve the educational community of Pico Rivera for the next four years.

Unión del Barrio Condemns the Increased Deployment of US Troops to the Politically Imposed Southern Border with Mexico

¡Somos Un Pueblo, Sin Fronteras! We don’t recognize the Imperialist imposed U.S. Border By deploying its military to the southern border to support the anti-Mexican police force known as the US Border Patrol and its criminal counterpart Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Trump administration has exposed the true nature of US imperialist crisis. But […]

¡Abolir la Migra Asesina; Abolir los muros de apartheid!

25 de mayo de 2018 Unión del Barrio condena enérgicamente el asesinato extrajudicial de Claudia Patricia Gómez González, joven maya de 20 años procedente de Guatemala, a manos de una agente de la Patrulla Fronteriza en Rio Bravo, Tejas. Unión del Barrio reconoce que este asesinato extrajudicial constituye parte de la política de terror y […]

Abolish the Racist Border Patrol; Abolish the Apartheid Border Wall!

May 25, 2018 Unión del Barrio condemns the extrajudicial killing of Claudia Patricia Gómez González, a 20- year-old Mayan woman from Guatemala at the hands of a Border Patrol agent in Rio Bravo, Texas. Unión del Barrio recognizes this extrajudicial murder as constituting a policy of terror and violence by the colonial laws of the […]

El triunfo de Nicolás Maduro Moros es el triunfo de todos los pueblos de Nuestra América

Al Pueblo Venezolano Al Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela Al Presidente Nicolás Maduro Moros Desde el interior de las entrañas del imperialismo, el pueblo mexicano-latinoamericano que lucha por su autodeterminación, damos nuestras más sinceras felicitaciones por la victoria de Nicolás Maduro Moros, el pasado 20 de mayo. La victoria de Nicolás Maduro constituye la continuidad […]

DONATE TO ORGANIZATIONS IN MEXICO Unión del Barrio is making a public call to our friends, allies and supporters to please make a donation to support recovery efforts in Mexico. We will send 100% of the funds to trustworthy grassroots organizations in Mexico that are already mobilized in the areas impacted by the devastating earthquakes that hit Oaxaca on September […]

Today We Were United In The Defense Of Chicano Park & Our Community

Today, September 3, 2017, a broadly unified raza-led front of elders, high school and college students, barrio youth, political radicals, muralists, artists, cultural workers, academics, activists, native people of the Kumeyaay nation, labor organizers, religious people, etc. unconditionally joined forces with at least 500 local community people to defend Barrio Logan’s historic Chicano Park. Click […]

First Hand Testimony From Herman Baca: “The Chicano Moratorium of August 29, 1970 Still Remembered – The Day Police Rioted!”

“LEST WE FORGET!” Committee on Chicano Rights (Reprinted & Updated from UCSD Herman Baca Archives) I still vividly remember what happened to me personally and politically in Los Angeles, California on August 29, 1970. Thirty thousand Chicanos from throughout the U.S. marched in the streets to protest and call for an end to the war in […]

The Never-Ending Ballad of Esequiel Hernández Jr.

The tiny border town of Redford Texas is located about four hours southeast from El Paso. On May 20, 1997 an 18-year old U.S. citizen of Mexicano heritage named Esequiel Hernández Jr. was shot dead by a group of Marines who had been deployed to intervene in the drug trafficking that was reportedly taking place […]