College/ University – Higher Education


Unión del Barrio Strategic Vision On Raza & Higher Education:

Our Work Should Promote The “Elimination Of The Artificial Distinction Which Exists Between Students And The Community. Rather Than Being Its Victims, The Community Will Benefit From The Resources Of The Institutions Of Higher Learning…”

– from the Plan de Santa Barbara

Our work on college and university campuses should attend to urgent issues relating to educational cuts and reduced access to higher education for raza youth. We should also struggle to defend Chicana/o – Raza Studies where it exists and advocate for it to be established where it does not exist. By bringing and maintaining organized raza liberation struggle to every college and university campus were our numbers are significant (among students, faculty, staff, etc.), we intend to recast institutions of higher learning as practical and ideological resources to provide support to local raza communities in struggle, and potentially serve as an creative ideological space to analyze and bring political clarity and vision to the liberation struggle as a whole.