La Mujer


Unión del Barrio Strategic Vision on the Struggle of La Mujer:

Cuando La Mujer Avanza, No Hay Hombre Que Retroceda.

Mujeres consistently suffer the most terrible repression imaginable. Femicides, sexual slavery, domestic violence, labor exploitation, and cultural subjugation are facts of life for mujeres everywhere. We must tirelessly organize and struggle internally and externally to overturn this reality. Fundamental to any revolutionary organization and conscious social movement is the absolute economic, political and cultural equality between men and women. The subjugation of raza women serves a major part of the overall oppression of our people and has become a fundamental pillar sustaining capitalism and imperialism throughout Nuestra América and the world. True liberation cannot take place until all sectors of La Raza are free, and this is especially true for mujeres that make up a large percentage of every sector. Therefore, we recognize that sexism and male chauvinism are bourgeois, coutner-revolutionary traits that must be completely rejected and overturned for any of us to win freedom. Without the full participation and leadership of women in revolutionary organization, there will be no victory in revolutionary struggle.