Labor Struggle


The vast majority of our people are working class, and it is therefore impossible for us to consider ourselves a serious organization capable of providing leadership within our communities without providing leadership within organized working class struggle. Within the current borders of the U.S. it is the labor of la raza that forms the economic foundation upon which the wealth within every major city and state is generated. Without exception, our people make up the majority of workers within the most exploited labor pools within every major city and state. The few remaining industries in this country survive on the wealth generated from our collective labor power, and yet our collective political power is still relatively insignificant as both political parties take turns repressing and/ or ignoring our interests. Historically, labor unions have not done enough to defend our interests, and there are too many instances of labor unions actually uniting with the ruling class in their attacks against our communities. We must therefore build the capacity to independently articulate, promote, and defend our class interests both within existing labor unions and directly within our communities. Furthermore, when possible and necessary, we should work to organize our own independent labor unions, aligned with the labor struggles of Nuestra América.

“The History Of All Hitherto Existing Society Is The History Of Class Struggle…”

– Karl Marx