Media Power


Unión del Barrio Strategic Vision on Media Power:

Concientización, Organización, Acción, Liberación

We must advance the work of liberation-focused media production by writing articles, essays, taking photos, creating images, flyers, brochures, radio shows, films/movies, murals, songs, theatrical plays, etc., and use these to promote alternative and independent communication within our barrios. With our own media production we become more capable of resisting the influence of reactionary media forces that are currently dominant throughout all of our communities. If we want freedom of communication and information, then we must understand that control of knowledge and information is one of the keys to maintaining effective control over an oppressed people. Through the private ownership and domination of all means of transferring knowledge and ideas such as schools, newspapers, television, radio, etc., capitalist and imperialist institutions frame and manipulate the limits of thinking among raza.

Without understanding our true people’s history, culture, and identity as La Raza from Nuestra América, self-determination is impossible. Unión del Barrio considers one of the most pressing tasks confronting our movement is making people aware of the foundations of our oppression, to develop national, continental and international class consciousness, and through this consciousness concretize a revolutionary process to the masses. This can only be done through the building of our own forms of media production.