Unión del Barrio Strategic Vision on Culture:

“Ser Culto Es Ser Libre.”

– José Martí

Liberation struggle is political and economic, but it is also a cultural. We must actively resist the current crisis created by the mass cultural devastation of our “Mexicanidad” imposed on our communities here and in México, and develop a cultural foundation for continental unity throughout Nuestra América. We should be culturally creative in overturning neoliberal individualism that has rapidly expanded during the last 20 years. Neoliberal individualism is a cultural sickness that is grounded in consumerism and thrives on historical/cultural ignorance. The cultural work of Unión del Barrio should contribute to a popular culture that rejects consumerism and overturns historical/cultural ignorance. Our work in this sector should include support for the development of independent liberation focused cultural production within music, visual and performing arts, literature, etc. advancing, defending, and promoting the people’s cultural heritage of Nuestra América.