The Struggle of Barrio Youth

Unión del Barrio Strategic Vision:

“Ser Joven Y No Ser Revolucionario Es Una Contradicción Hasta Biológica.”

The above quote comes from Chilean President Salvador Allende, drawn from a speech given in México in 1972.

Guiding the barrio youth work of Unión del Barrio will be our strategy of raising conciencia towards the development of a culture of organized struggle, commitment, leadership, and discipline for raza liberation. We must focus our work to defend the combative spirit of young people, and bring barrio youth back from what is now the dominant culture of consumerism, individualism, violence, greed, and ignorance – what has become a raza youth “anti-culture.”

We have seen how this system invests huge amounts of time and resources into the expansion of its consumerist anti-culture, and we must respond by building community work and our own institutions that pull barrio youth away from alienation, self-hate, violence, and substance abuse.

Revised and accepted at UdB 1st Conferencia Regional Sobre la Lucha de Jóvenes, 06/23/2012.

The majority of our community work that focuses on youth is done through our youth project Somos Raza.