Pobladores – Local Communities


 Unión del Barrio Strategic Vision to Guide Our Work in Local Communities:

Comunidad Organizada Es Comunidad Libre.

Through this work we can integrate the daily life of our barrios into our liberation struggle. Each one of our barrios suffers from limited access to basic needs such as:

  • honest political representation
  • quality health care
  • quality educational institutions
  • quality & affordable housing
  • special services for senior citizens & youth
  • spaces that promote physical activities & healthy lifestyles, including public parks that are clean and safe
  • support for small business.

Furthermore, there are universally urgent struggles to resist police/ migra brutality, gentrification, poverty, and unemployment. By themselves, if and when these issues are addressed within our communities it has been typically from a non-profit/ charity/ reformist perspective. When as Unión del Barrio we take up these issues, they should be addressed from a position of liberation struggle, and advance our fundamental right to control the political institutions that make the laws that govern us. Ultimately, our work focused in specific barrios should elevate the quality of life for our people, and develop an organizational foundation for “dual and contending power” capable of providing for the basic well being of our communities. This is especially important when preparing to address natural disasters or state directed repression. This vision does not exclude independent forms of electoral struggle, although under no circumstances will Unión del Barrio collaborate with either institutional party – ni democratas ni republicanos.